Soul Contracts & The Lords of Karma

Begins September 2023-TBA

Imagine if you could take all of your power back, that you have given away, from this life, and other lifetimes and understand your connections to your family, and all who are in your life!

The healing that takes place, when we have all aspects of ourselves within, and interconnected is astounding!

In this course, you will be able to discover missing links, and release yourself from multiple incarnations, that have been filled with the same people. the same themes, the same pain and patterns of trauma.

What if something from your soul contract, (or mulitiple things) can be cleared and disspensated by the Lords Of Karma once and for all?

The Power Of The Lords of Karma

The Lords of Karma, and are group of ascended masters

(& Enlightened beings) who are focused on helping you through your journey of your lifetimes.

They can be commanded to act on your behalf, to dispensate, the negative karma once and for all, and also to bring forward much ore positive karmic and patterns of events in your life to make things easier for you.

Yes, as a sovereign being of light you have the authority, in all dimensions of time, to command your own karma, good or bad. You have actually been doing this without realizing it!

Here, even if you have done this kind of work before, there is still a lot to learn about yourself, and to clear things you have never even thought of!

What are the benefits of this course?

Above everything else, once you have gone through the correct process for Karmic Dispensation and release of Soul contracts, you are no longer hindered by these things.

*Health changes

*Lifestyle Changes

*Abilities Awakening

*Family Traimas

*Curses or hexes

*Release old energy and negative patterns

*Open up to your true dreams

*Awaken hidden talents

*Release your family's traumas and heal different aspects of yourself

*learn to access the Lords of Karma as you move through your life

*Get yourself ready for new friendships and love to enter your life

*Create what you have been waiting for!!

*Experience's that will unfold over time!

Why do you need this course?

For over 33 years, I have been working on discovery of the self, through my spiritual and psychic work. Healing is a massive part of my life, and I have learnt to free myself of all karmic energy and issues holding me back, and awaken on multiple levels.

My mission is to give this to the world!

In order for that to occur, I must get the knowledge out there to you all, who can then put this into practice so that the energy of the planet becomes much more clear and much more abundant.

We all have everything that we need but we feel like we have "b locks" that stop us from achieving, and getting what we tru;y wish for in this life.

In a sense, we certainly can block ourselves, but also through soul contracts, and karmic attachments, we may not reach our full potentials, until we rip this away from our energy grids.

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