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Semester 2

Only pre-requisite, is to have completed or enrolled in Semester 1.

BDevine® Is an International Accredited Training Provider of Holistic Medicine & Executive practitioner Internationally!

Continuing outstanding Spiritual training and therapies like no other

This semester will run approx. 12 Weeks, and will include zoom calls, support and tons of meditations, PDFS video support and lessons 2-3 times per week!

Bonus Mentoring sessions, and coaching if needed anytime (separate price plan)

You will be learn how to channel with your Angels SAFELY and expertly, to help yourself and others.
These two subjects of channeling and regression therapy are over $2000 worth alone of study.

Over 33 years of training on various methods have led me to the perfect way of teaching you successfully!

You will learn how to safely perform past Life Regression therapy right from the comfort of home!

I will also be sharing healing methods, and meditations for your growth.

You will study at your own pace, and in your own time.

Everyone can benefit from an increase in spiritual understanding and therapies to offer clients-or just for your own growth!

Tons of knowledge for you all!

With BDevine®️

So what do we learn in this Semester?

Semester 2 is all about deepening your skills, which will help you with your Spiritual Therapies.

Outstanding knowledge and application in your life that helps you ultimately-then you are able to help everyone!
People will need to extra assistance and support YOU will be able to provide!

Its time for your abilities to unfold and help guide the world, in true leadership.

Or two main focuses are

Channeling-& Past Life Regression Therapy (BDevine’s Own Method)

Channeling- The channeling section of this Semester, is going to change the way you do everything.

When you learn how to channel the Angels correctly, you will then be able to use this tool, to help your clients in an unique way.

Learning to do this safely, and with your every day life, will enrich your life and enable many changes to take place.

The Angels you will be working with, will also assist, with special activations, connected to your unique frequency.

*Learn about different types of Channeling

*Learn Automatic Writing

*Using Intuitive Messaging

*Healing advice and exercises

*You will be able to channel easily and beautifully, and use this as a tool to expand your abilities, and open your healing abilities even more!

PLUS More as we move through the course.

Past Life Regression Therapies-BY BDEVINE- Is a unique way of healing and helping yourself, and your clients.
An amazing practice, that you can use anytime, and have 100% success every time!

Using my unique healing method (after training two levels with Dolores Cannon & Hypnotherapy) I have devised a foolproof and supportive healing tool, that you and your clients will LOVE.

My method differs- As it focuses mostly on “The Healing Chambers” which assists your clients in understanding their issues, and themselves so much better-and heals them from almost anything! [if it is in their soul contract to heal, that’s what happens!]

So much profound emotions and support comes through these sessions.
I will be demonstrating how to do it from start to finish.

Not only will you be learning my wonderful methods to remotely help your clients, you will also be astounded at the amazing results for yourself!

Anyone can do this! The world truly needs your expertise and willingness to help now!

Here are some of the benefits of the Past life regression therapy-BDevine:

already there have been astounding breakthroughs & certain medical miracles! Here are just some of those. 

⭐️Psoriasis & skin issues

⭐️ digestion Problems

⭐️Memory Problems

⭐️Hair loss

⭐️Back bone and swelling healed

⭐️complete spinal fusions healed

⭐️Get off of medications

⭐️Eye sight restored,

⭐️Knees/Cartledge etc



⭐️Ribs-broken and scarred.


⭐️Total body healing

⭐️Cancer-It does not matter what kind.(This is the souls choice to heal)

⭐️Emotional issues-on every level.

⭐️Past life issues/Karmic Clearing

⭐️Cell regeneration

⭐️countless more issues all healed!

You will be taught how to speak to your clients, and how to give life changing regression sessions, safely and securely-no need to have clients in your home-I have devised a beautiful way of doing this over the phone, so BOTH of you are comfortable and at ease-this alone eliminates so many issues!

Jump into offering others assistance, and really get results!

Special Extra methods will be explained as we move through the course!

Change the course of your life and become the leader you have always been!


Example Curriculum

  Welcome To Semester 2
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  Week 2
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  Week 3
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  Week 4
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  Week 5
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  Week 6
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  Week 7
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  Week 8
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  Week 9
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  Week 10
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  Week 11
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  Week 12
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  Useful Resources PDFS, Audio etc
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Payment Plans available-Use paypal for 6 months interest free.

Talk to me if you have any questions! [email protected]