Angels & Guides Webinar

with BDevine®

Starts April 8th 2023 LIVE

You will receive the zoom link on the thankyou page.

You will be able to watch and re-watch and listen after the session as well.

Introduction-Webinar Outline

Thank you all for attending this special event - “Angels and Guides”

We will be having a few meditations, and A LOT of declaration work, as this intention to work with your guides and the Angels, sets everything into motion. 

We will be working with our own Spirit Guides as well as learning about 13 different Ascended Masters, ( see PDF Ascended Masters) and connect and attune to each one of them. I will of course be guiding you through this. 

Once you have been attuned and connected with these Angels and Guides, they never leave you. This is something to truly remember, and “ACTIVATE” more intently as you move through your life. 

We will be also learning about the 12 Zodiac Angels, that we will attune with our chakras, through a special mediation with me. 

I also want to share the miracles of Hamied., the Angel of Miracles, as well as meeting the very special Angel “Micah” who works with us on our Divine Pathway. 

Archangel Metatron, is also going to provide us with 5D upgrades that will transform our lives! This is the whole reason behind creating this webinar, was to bring forward new activations and upgrades from Metatron, who will attune each one of you!

In further webinars we will be learning more and more about your Angels and guides so stay tuned!

Brief Rundown of webinar:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Grounding and connecting exercises
  • Visualisations and declarations for the Angels
  • Metatron-Secretary Of God
  • Micah- Soul Path
  • Hamied The Angel Of Miracles
  • Meditation / Attunement
  • Break 15 minutes
  • Guardian Angels team
  • Spirit Guides quick connect
  • 12 Zodiac Angels- Alignment and attunement!
  • Ascended Masters ( See Acsended Masters PDF)
  • Attunements for 13 masters powerful!
  • Q &A time and closing 

About BDevine®

BDevine® -International Holistic Medicine Executive Practitioner & Accredited Training Provider-

This is a fully accredited worldwide Course!

All courses with BDevine® are now fully accredited,and as a student, you will also be given thr chance to earn your own accreditation through me!

BDevine® has channelled thousands of methods on healing and spiritual practices, and is now offering to teach you all. the right way -the way we have always known, as ancient light beings.

With over 30 years experience worldwide in all forms of spirituality & healing!

The world needs a new way of looking at spirituality, and no more hocus pocus!

Twisted and egotistical unhealed "psychics healers" have almost ruined the Spiritual world today.

This problem can only exist if nobody changes it. BDevine® wants to help the world change and heal, as it was always meant to be. YOU are a part of the great change. YOU have a mission that is bigger than you can imagine! The time is now!!

BDevine® feels that she has been entrusted by higher celestial beings of light, to share the ancient ways, and the ways of the 12D realities, and incorporate this knowledge and healing, into your life, safely, easily and with much life changing force-you will not be able to stop the changes that happen in your lives!

Become a LIGHT LEADER instead of always "WORKING" and teach others to do the same.

You will become so confident and supported as you move forward! WE must be the change and bring back the wellness and abilities that lay dormant within you.

BDevine® offers personal in depth readings, healing, teaching, art and more!

Author of the book “Angelic Guidance” & “Domino Angels” oracle cards.

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