Goddess Isis Blue Moon Reiki & Golden Triangle Reiki

Accredited Course-IPHM

International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine


Both of these courses are designed to assist you to empowerment & deep healing.

You will get to know the Goddess Isis and how she can assist all of humanity right now, to move more easily into the New World Ascension Energies.

Enjoy learning with BDevine, and watch the ZOOM instructions, that are recorded for you to look back on anytime.

As an added bonus, the "Golden Triangle" Reiki will be added so that you can use this simple technique to open your abilities, and bring deeper healing for yourself and clients.

These methods require NO former experience, and you will receive specific attunements, information, meditations and PDF manuals for yourself or classes you might teach!

Come on a new and ancient journey of discovery and beautiful healing!

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