About BDevine® IPHM

Accredited Executive Practitioner

International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine -

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BDevine® has channelled thousands of methods on healing and spiritual practices, and is now offering to teach you all. the right way -the way we have always known, as ancient light beings.

With over 30 years experience worldwide in all forms of spirituality & healing! She can help you to heal every aspects of yourself, and make changes you can only dream of!

The world needs a new way of looking at spirituality, and no more hocus pocus!

Twisted and egotistical unhealed "psychics healers" have almost ruined the Spiritual world today.

This problem can only exist if nobody changes it. BDevine wants to help the world change and heal, as it was always meant to be. YOU are a part of the great change. YOU have a mission that is bigger than you can imagine! The time is now!!

BDevine® feels that she has been entrusted by higher celestial beings of light, to share the ancient ways, and the ways of the 12D realities, and incorporate this knowledge and healing, into your life, safely, easily and with much life changing force-you will not be able to stop the changes that happen in your lives!

Become a LIGHT LEADER instead of always "WORKING" and teach others to do the same.

You will become so confident and supported as you move forward! WE must be the change and bring back the wellness and abilities that lay dormant within you.

BDevine® offers personal in depth readings, healing, teaching, art and more!

Author of the book “Angelic Guidance” & “Domino Angels” oracle cards.

*Shamanic Healing *Angelic Healing *Reiki Master *Qhht Therapy *Courses *Spiritual Therapy *Psychic/Medium *Spiritual Therapy *Universal Channel *Teacher *Mentor

"It doesn't matter where you are on your journey-you will always learn something wonderful with BDevine! I can't get enough! "

-Joanne B-

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