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Hi everyone!

This course will commence on October 31st 2022

At that time you will be able to see your lessons appear so you can get started.

You will have to complete course in the order provided.

Don't forget, there will be video updates before this date, as well as a ZOOM call before we begin

with BDevine. You also have the option to receive mentoring through 6 sessions to help you really excel! This is always an option at sign up-but otherwise can be arranged later.

Also don't forget to download the "Telegram" app, and add me "BDevine" so I can add you to

Devine Tarot-101 group!

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Once you have joined and logged in, please let me know so I can create a unique affiliate link for the Academy.

You receive 10% profit for any sales you make with that link. Really hope you are ready to study! & enjoy your new life!!

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